The new Neotec is turning the motorcycle world upside down. With the new Neotec, we managed to create a completely new flip up-helmet with integrated sun visor, without sacrifying the safety by decreasing the thickness of the EPS-liner in the front part, like most of the competitors.
The Neotec also features many sophisticated developments to reduce the overall noise of the helmet, for example the integrated "vortex-generator" to actively reduce wind noise.

Shell in AIM

Organic fibre and multi-composite fibre in various layers for a shock absorbent shell with optimum rigidity.

Steel micro ratchet system

- Interlocking mechanism 100% stainless steel
- No safety sacrifice by the use of plastic
- Handy to open and close
- Easy to adjust

360° pivot locking system

- 100% stainless steel locking system
- 360° enclosed pivot for maximum safety

Sunshield EN1836 approved

As first manufacturer, Shoei approved the Neotec sunshield according the European EN 1836 standart for sunglasses.


- No sacrifice in safety of front absorbtion layer
- Special lever for easy handling with gloves
- Anti-fog and anti-scratch coated
- 99% UV-blocking

3 Shell sizes

For perfect fit and compact dimensions:
1) XS-M, 2) L, 3) XL-XXL

Detachable Interior

- 3D centerpad for perfect fit
- Cheekpads in differnt sizes for individual adjustment
- Chinstrap covers detachable for easy care

Sophisticated ventilation system

- 267% improved ventilation compared to Shoei Multitec
- Multiple air inlets and outlets
- Flush surface for less wind turbulence
- Permananet ventilation to controle climate inside the helmet

Vortex generator

The frontcover is equipped with a vortex generator to create small turbulence around the frontcover to avoid air leaking into the helmet and creating windnoise.

Ear pads

To avoid disturbincg frequencies insede the helmet, we equipped the Neotec with earpads to add even more comfort to the rider.